Donna de Paradiso – Jacopone da Todi


The Ville Tuscolane – Part I


Just a few kilometers from Rome, ancient villages set in a splendid and picturesque landscape of hills, lakes, valleys and extinct volcanoes create the picturesque setting in which to admire ancient and splendid stately villas…

Mario D’Amelio – The Family of Jesus – Episode 1


The Family of Jesus – Episode 1 We have always been used to seeing scenes of the baby Jesus together with his mother Mary and adoptive father Joseph, thus imagining the family unit composed. Reading the Bible reveals that the nucleus was a bit larger, as it seems that Jesus had brothers and sisters. Through […]

Paolo Crimaldi – Astrology of life cycles


Astrology of life cycles The idea that the birth chart is on the one hand tied to the past and on the other hand leaning toward the future is a fascinating perspective that helps one not to pose passively toward life. It can “… be defined as a mandala in which it is possible to […]

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© 2022 FAIRNESS web tv.
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